Women Entrepreneurs: An Economic “Re-Balancing” is the Perfect Time to Re-light the Fire of Burning Desire!

Business & life coaches love discussions about economic downturns as it opens up the conversation to deeply investigate personal attitudes, expectations and beliefs.  With this type of an exploration, we start to “re-light the fire of burning desire” and ignite those powerful and dynamic internal forces that are the signature characteristics of extraordinary entrepreneurs who truly run sustainable superstar businesses.  This doesn’t mean that it is a comfortable or easy process, in fact, it is often quite the reverse, it can be scary, uncomfortable and edgy.  In retrospect though, women entrepreneurs often look back and also say that it was exhilarating!


Entrepreneurs who are competitive and like challenges often respond to an economic downturn by making a “game of it”, saying things like “I am not going to let this get to me”, “I’m going to prove this thing wrong” etc.  Their attitude and pattern of responding to a challenge often kick starts them into massive action, which generates huge business momentum.  Pam talks about this in her article, in www.thesuperstarblog.com ,how during a recession, businesses clean house and often actually re-invent themselves, resulting in a revitalized business.


Just knowing that many businesses flourish in times of a re-balancing, expands expectations of what is possible in business.  Rather than expect that there will be negative results, ask yourself how you and your business can leverage this natural part of an economic cycle.  You may find that by asking questions about how you can make this work for you, creative and innovative ideas pop in.  Yes, it is a cliché, however, remember that “what goes down, must come up.”  How can you position your self and your business to tap into the upswing?


A really powerful shift can happen for many women entrepreneurs when they allow themselves to use an economic downturn as a “gateway” or catalyst to explore their dominant belief patterns.  I highly expect that as a business woman, faced with the possibility of a “recession” your personal “limiting beliefs” will be very easy to access.  I experience this myself.  As well, any “dominant cultural limiting beliefs” will be accessible and you may feel the strong pull towards a downward spiral of negativity.  You can halt this downward spiral and use this is an amazing opportunity to work on changing your beliefs and your internal self-talk.


Warren Buffett apparently loves economic down turns and I love Warren Buffett.  I love Warren Buffett because from what I read about him, he is an amazing and brilliant person who in spite of being incredibly wealthy, continues to drive an old model vehicle, live in his “normal house” and it sounds like, has instilled solid values in his children.  I love Warren Buffett because he seems to value the amazing people who manage under capitalized businesses.  I love Warren Buffett because he understands that it is the power of the people in an organization that makes the organization strong and dynamic.  My guess is that Warren Buffett has a pretty clear set of wonderful “enabling and prospering beliefs”.


An economic downturn is the best time to change your “limiting beliefs” to “enabling and prospering beliefs”.  I never underestimate the power of the human spirit, when pushed to the edge with a recession to create, innovate, inspire, collaborate, re-design, re-vitalize, experiment and in fact “leap frog” into something new and amazing.  I love the following quote, although I can’t remember where I first heard it…“Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you are right!”  Changing belief systems is an intense exploration and often requires the support of a skilled life & business coach or other professional as it is very easy to get stuck in the process.


Yes, these are platitudes and yes, these are true, however, remember… the power of positive belief and expectation, you can do it if you believe you can and never, ever, ever give up!  You have the power within you to shift your beliefs, make this economic situation work for you and we believe in you too!