Inrageous/Outrageous Self-Care Enchantments for Jan 22, 2009

I always find it somewhat humbling when I get sick! Especially when I have been “doing all the right things”! What is wonderful about this process is that it reminds me of the “great mystery of life”. Even though I might like to feel that I am totally in control, a flu for example, reminds me that there are forces at work that are more in tune with what is right and best for me than I am.

Usually, when I get sick, I haven’t been listening to my “body messages”. This is what happened this week. One of our daughters came down with a nasty flu and of course I was taking care of her. I had made an agreement with myself to “get back into running” (my kids laugh at me as I always seem to be “getting back into” running, not actually running) and had started the Sun Fun Run program (I do it over 26 weeks, not 13). On Saturday I was feeling kind of tired and achy and if I had listened to my body and not my ego, I would have taken the day off exercise. I pushed ahead and did the run and then, what do you know, I got slammed with the same flu. I am not saying that my running, short as it was, caused the flu. What I am saying is that my wonderfully in-tune physical self knew what was best for me and tried to get me to hear the message with the “aches” and I didn’t listen.

Now, what is perfect about my illness is that it has given me lots of extra time to catch up on my reading, to totally stop and reflect on the important things and appreciate good health when I have it. Not to mention, I am experiencing a “natural detox”.

Your self care enchantments for this week are remembering to listen to your body’s messages!

Self-care enchantments this week:

1. Start your day with a “body scan”, gently cast your attention through your body, starting from the bottom up or the top down. Pay special attention to those areas that are tender, sore, tight or uncomfortable. Check in with that area of the body to see what is needed.
2. Use your body to check in about decisions and actions, ask yourself; what does my mind say, what does my heart say, what does my gut say. The more you use this process, the easier and more intuitive it becomes.
3. Nourish your body with something wonderful this week; luscious food, or a fragrant body lotion or a soft and cozy piece of clothing.